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Diaphragms & Caps

Comparing Traditional Diaphragms, Caya Diaphragm, And FemCap Cervical Cap

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Traditional Milex Diaphragm

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Diaphragms were once a go-to method of contraception. Effective, discreet (unlike a condom!), comfortable, and side-effect free. Chances are your mother or grandmother about birth control used one sucessfuly for years. It was a simple concept with outstanding results. Diaphragms cover the cervix and blocking sperm from entering the uterus, preventing pregnancy. However, as pharmaceutical birth control swept over the world diaphragms fell off the map.

The rubbery silicone cap and circular shape looked old fashioned and intimidating. The need for a trained medical professional to assess your size meant that doctors need to be motivated to promote them. As quick and easy contraception became the norm, many doctors simply stopped mentioning diaphragms as an option. As a result, the number one diaphragm supplier, Ortho Johnson, makers of the All-Flex diaphragm, completed ceased production in 2014.

However, we now see the post-modern woman taking back control of their birth control experience. Women don't want the side effects and health risks of hormonal birth control and are desperate for an effective and natural birth control. The old fashion diaphragm is just the ticket. Although finding someone to fit you for a diaphragm, and finding a pharmacy that can fill a diaphragm prescription, can be daunting, today's health-conscious women are up for the task.

Diaphragm Sizing

The biggest issue with using a diaphragm is that there are 7 specific sizes, and you need to be fit by a trained health care professional to find out which size you need to purchase. Using the wrong size diaphragm decreases the effectiveness tremendously; simply guessing your size is very risky. Additionally, diaphragm sizes change after childbirth, when you gain or lose a significant amount of weight, or after some vaginal procedures. However, the precise fitting system does have its benefits. When you correctly use your specific size diaphragm, the effectiveness rate of diaphragms is a whopping 94%.

Doctors, midwives, and nurses can easily learn fit a diaphragm. Your healthcare provider will simply use a fitting kit (sold on this site) to test which size diaphragm snuggly, yet comfortably, fits within your vaginal canal. At the fitting appointment, you will also learn how to insert and remove the diaphragm, and how to make sure your cervix is completely covered by the silicon dome.

After your fitting, you will walk out with a diaphragm prescription which includes your size. Diaphragms are available without a doctor's prescription in the EU and can be ordered online here.

milex diaphragm sizing and ordering online

Caya: A New-Age Diaphragm

Caya diaphragm comfortable

Caya is the modern take on traditional diaphragms: the old fashion yet effective birth control method featuring a circular silicon dome inserted into the vaginal canal before intercourse to block sperm from entering the cervix.

There are seven typical diaphragm sizes, and when using a traditional diaphragm, a precise fitting is essential to effective use. Using the wrong size diaphragm results in drastically less effective contraception. The fact that diaphragm size changes when you gain or lose weight, give birth, or go through other vaginal procedures further complicates the process of ensuring you are using the correct size device.

The Caya diaphragm replaces this difficult sizing system with one single size device. Caya is not a one size fits all diaphragm. Rather, once confirming you fall within the size range of 65mm to 80mm, you can use Caya without worrying about frequent refitting.

About 80% of women fit into the range of sizes that are compatible with Caya. Women who do not fit in this range must use either a traditional diaphragm or a cervical cap.

Single Size. Contoured Design.

The Caya diaphragm (called SLICs diaphragm during testing stages) created a new-age diaphragm revolution. Caya re-envisioned a perfect diaphragm, eliminating common complaints of difficulty removing the device and the need for extremely precise sizing.

Breakthroughs in design and technology resulted in a contoured shaped diaphragm, as opposed to the traditional circular diaphragm shape. This new shape conforms more accurately to the vaginal canal, is easier to use, more comfortable, and anatomically designed to fit a wide range of women. The rim of the Caya is feather light and easy to fold for insertion, yet flexible and strong enough to provide a secure fit.

Although an initial fitting is recommended, the Caya is available OTC (Over The Counter) in the EU. Diaphragm users who already know their size can easily replace their old diaphragms with Caya. For women who are cannot find a health practitioner to fit them for a diaphragm or a Caya diaphragm, FemCap cervical cap is the only option that does not need to be sized at all.

caya diaphragm fitting or prescription

The FemCap Cervical Cap

FemCap for hormone free contraception

FemCap is the hormone free birth control solution for the modern women. A small silicone cap is placed directly over the cervix to stop sperm from traveling towards the uterus. Because pregnancy can only occur if sperm enters the cervix, travels up to the uterus, and meets a fertile egg, stopping the sperm's journey is really all that is needed to eliminate the risk of pregnancy at the root. Instead of turning off ovulation with hormonal birth control or implanting a foreign substance like a coil/IUD to stop implantation, FemCap creates a barrier between the cervix and the sperm.

Years of research went into designing the perfect cervical cap that would be comfortable, precise, and easy to use. It's a simple concept, with outstanding results.

FemCap is further unique because of it is the only female barrier contraceptive that does not require a fitting by a healthcare professional. This makes it easier than ever for women all over to the world to order a FemCap and start using the hormone free birth control method they deserve!

Choose The Correct Size: It's Simple

Diaphragm size is determined by the size of the vaginal canal, which changes often throughout a woman's life and can only be assessed by a trained healthcare professional. Because FemCap is placed directly on the cervix, which can ONLY be one of three sizes, choosing the correct FemCap size is drastically different than finding the correct diaphragm size.

After puberty, a woman's cervix size corresponds to a 22mm FemCap unless she becomes pregnant. Two weeks after conception, the cervix enlarges. This is important because even if a women miscarries early in the pregnancy and may not even be aware she conceived, her cervix size has changed, and a 26mm FemCap is now necessary. Vaginal delivery once again changes the cervix size; the correct size for someone who has had a vaginal delivery is 30mm.

This simple sizing system based on a woman's obstetric history means it is easy to self-size. This is key to providing effective barrier contraceptive solutions where access to health care professional for correct diaphragm sizing is not an option. Choose your size, order online, and you can start enjoying natural contraception immediately.

How to choose a FemCap size

Ready to feel fantastic? Why not try these products:

  1. FemCap Cervical Cap
    • Hormone-free birth control.
    • No prescription needed. Choose from 3 easy to determine sizes.
    • Easy to use. Designed to fit securely and comfortably.
    • Unlike a condom, does not interrupt skin-to-skin intimacy.
    • Made in the USA. FDA and Health Canada approved. EU/CE Certified.
    Price (Inc. VAT):
  2. Caya Single Size Contraceptive Diaphragm
    • Safe, reliable and hormone-free birth control.
    • Single size design fits wide range of women.
    • Easy to use. Totally comfortable for both partners.
    • Suitable for 65mm, 70mm, 75mm or 80mm diaphragms users.
    • FDA and Health Canada approved. EU/CE 0470 Certified.
    Price (Inc. VAT):
  3. Milex Omniflex Contraceptive Diaphragm
    • Effective and hormone-free birth control.
    • Omniflex Wide-Seal rim can be folded in any direction.
    • Must be used with contraceptive gel.
    • 8 size options. Compatible with Ortho All-Flex sizing.
    • Discreet shipping to your door.
    Price (Inc. VAT):
  4. ContraGel Natural Spermicide Alternative
    • Large 60ml Tube. Expiry August 2020.
    • Spermicide Alternative. No Nonoxynol-9. Reduce irritation risk.
    • Use with Diaphragms, Caya or FemCap cervical cap.
    • Vegan. Gluten-free. Not tested on animals.
    • Class IIa Medical Device. CE Approved. Made in Europe.
    Price (Inc. VAT):

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