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IntimateCare Sea Sponges

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  • Naturally absorbs an astonishing amount of fluid.
  • Unbelievably comfortable. Absorbent yet plush, silky, and soft.
  • Premium quality Mediterranean Silk sponges.
  • Large size 6.5cm to 8cm. Medium Size 5.5 - 6.5cm.
  • With artisanal certified organic cotton carry bag.
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IntimateCare Sea Sponges - 2 Pack - Size Large - Unbleached - In Artisanal Organic Cotton Bag
Weight : 0.040 kgs
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  • Buy 3 for £11.26 each and save 33%
IntimateCare Sea Sponges - 2 Pack - Size Large - Bleached - In Artisanal Organic Cotton Bag
Weight : 0.040 kgs
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  • Buy 3 for £11.26 each and save 33%
IntimateCare Sea Sponges - 3 Pack - Size Medium - Unbleached - In Artisanal Organic Cotton Bag
Weight : 0.040 kgs
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  • Buy 3 for £11.26 each and save 33%
IntimateCare Sea Sponges - 3 Pack - Size Medium - Bleached - In Artisanal Organic Cotton Bag
Weight : 0.040 kgs
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  • Buy 3 for £11.26 each and save 33%

The list of drawbacks to typical feminine hygiene products is long. Too long. Ingredients include artificial dyes, plastics, dioxins, and other chemicals linked to hormone disruption. They cause an obscene amount of waste. They are often rough and scratchy, causing the vagina to become dry and irritated. And it that was not enough, they are a huge monthly expense.

Of course, nature provides us with a solution to all of our problems. Simple, natural, and magical: IntimateCare sea sponges.

These tampon-like IntimateCare sea sponges are about to become your favorite feminine product. Here’s why:

1. Simply Natural. Absorbency does not need to be manufactured in a lab. Silk sea sponges hold and an astonishing amount of fluid, without a single chemical ingredient.

2. Silky Soft. Like the name suggests, the fibers of these sponges are extremely soft and silky. Wet with a bit of warm water, twist, and insert. The plush sponge conforms to the unique landscape of your body. Compare that to a dry wad of cotton and rayon, and it’s no wonder women prefer IntimatCare Sponges!

3. Reusable. Less waste and more savings! It’s easy to rinse and reuse IntimateCare sponges. They last an average of 3 to 6 months or longer, depending on how you use them.

4. Biodegradable. What came from the earth is returned to the earth. It’s that simple.

5. Plastic-free packaging. Need we say more?

6. Versatile. Many women use IntimateCare sea sponges as a natural tampon alternative, but that’s not their only use. Prolapse causing you uncomfortable internal pressure? Dreaming about mess-free period sex? Want to hold a natural vaginal remedy like probiotic yogurt or garlic in place? IntimateCare sea sponges are ideal for any type of internal or external vaginal use!

7. Ethical Harvesting. A gentle process where sponges are removed from their source without harming the roots. Similar to pruning a tree, this allows the stronger and bigger branches of sea sponge to regrow. The gentle harvesting process also causes millions of sponges cells to be released into the water, where they are fertilized, attach to sea rocks, and grow into new sponges.

8. Hand Selected. You deserve to be pampered, so our team lovingly inspects each and every IntimateCare sponge for optimal density, size, and softness. Sponges that are less than ideal are repurposed, while the most pristine sponges are passed along to you.

9. Premium Quality Mediterranean Silk. All sea sponges are beautiful, but not all sponges function equally for intimate use. Intimate use requires a sponge that is super soft and plush, while still being dense and absorbent. Plus, it should be long durable and long lasting. Other sponges might check off one or two things on the list, but only Mediterranean Silk sponges fulfill every requirement.

More Information
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What's It Used For?Feminine Intimate Care.
NotesNatural sea sponges may contain traces of sea debris. We recommend cleaning your sponges before use.
Why Buy?100% natural replacement to regular feminine hygiene products + plastic free packaging!
BrandNatural Intimacy

Why should I clean my sponge before using it?

The beauty of a 100% natural product is that it is not created in a lab and therefore not perfectly sterile. Your sponge came out of the sea, and could still have some natural sea residue on it. Especially when using any product internally, it’s important to make sure it is clean.

How should I clean my sponge before starting to use it? How should I clean between uses?

The best method of cleaning will vary depending on how you use your sponge. Choose a method that works best for you. Do not use harsh soaps or chemicals that can harm the delicate fibers of the sponge.

Quick clean:

Wash with hand soap and water.

Squeaky Clean:

Soak your sponge for 10 minutes in a cup of 10:1 water-vinegar mixture. Add a few drops of tea tree oil for extra bacteria killing power.

Deep Clean:

Soak your sponge for 10 minutes in a cup of water with 1 tbsp baking soda. This will rejuvenate your sponge to restore density and maintain durability.

Soak it in a solution of warm water and hydrogen peroxide for 1-2 hours. This removes all discoloration, naturally whitening the sponge to look fresh and brand new.

Extreme Clean:

Pour boiling water over your sponge. Let cool, then agitate and rinse under water (Disclaimer: if done often, this will cause your sponge to wear out quickly.)

After Cleaning:

Leave to air dry! For best results, hang in a mesh bag away from surfaces.

Why are IntimateCare sponges sourced from Silk and not Wool sea sponges?

It's almost as if Silk sea sponges were designed to be used for intimate care. They are soft and pillowy. They are super absorbent, yet don't dry out delicate skin. They are just the right size for internal use. And they don't fray. No other sponge is quite the same.

What is the difference between bleached and unbleached IntimateCare sea sponges?

Bleached is yellow and, well, bleached.

Unbleached is brown and, well, unbleached.

Most of our customers prefer unbleached sponges, simply because they are the most natural sponge possible. Unbleached sponges also tend to last a bit longer because the fibers are left untouched. And the darker brown color hides stains.

However, some women prefer yellow bleached sponges. These sponges go through a light chemical bleaching process, which is completed with a baking soda bath. All chemicals then become inert. This results in a more delicate and bright sponge.

How do I choose my size? What can I do if my sponge feels too big?

IntimateCare Sea Sponges come in Large (6.5cm-8cm) and Medium (4cm-6cm) sizes. Take note, even our Medium sponges are larger than many other sponges marketed as large!

The larger the size, the more absorbent your sponge will be.

If your sponge feels too big, you can easily trim it for a custom fit with clean scissors. You can even cut a sponge into two! For the smoothest results, always cut your sponge when it is damp, and not when it is dry and hard. Start by trimming a small amount, you can always trim more later!

If your flow is very heavy you can insert two large sponges at the same time.

Can it get lost inside of me?

No! There is absolutely no way a sea sponge can get lost inside of you. If you put it into your vaginal canal, it can’t travel anywhere else!

If I use my sponge internally, how do I get it out?

A sponge that has absorbed fluid is heavier and therefore sits lower in the vaginal canal. So just reach up and grasp the sponge with two fingers to remove. If you have difficulty, or the sponge is pushed particularly high in your vaginal canal (ahem, period sex), bear down as if you are having a bowel movement and reach in at the same time. This helps lower the sponge to where you can reach it.

You can also sew a piece unflavored dental floss into the center of your sponge. This creates a tampon-like string. As a sponge newbie, you might want to do this the first few times you use your sponge.

Can I have sex with my IntiamteCare sponge in?

Many women want to enjoy sex during their periods but don't want to be bothered with the presence of blood. Insert your sponge before sex to absorb the menstrual blood. Your lady parts are soft and pillowy, your sponge is soft and pillowy… it's a perfect match!

I have a prolapse. Could this sponge help with internal support?

Many women with vaginal, rectal, or cervical prolapses find that a sea sponge gives them ideal internal support. And because they are softer than pessaries, they are often more comfortable.

How often should I replace my sponge?

It depends on how you use your sponge, but these sponges can last 5 to 8 cycles or up to a year.

Can my sponge be composted?

Totally! Think about it— what came from the sea is returned back to the earth. It’s pretty awesome.

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