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We are often asked about ContraGels effectiveness when it is used on its own, without a barrier contraceptive. ContraGel is a very effective when used correctly in conjunction with a diaphragm or cervical cap. It is intended to be used as an additional measure along with such a barrier contraceptive, and not as a method of birth control on its own. In addition, your diaphragm or cervical cap should always be used along with a contraceptive gel. In short, diaphragms and ContraGel are interdependent.

When ContraGel is in use, two physical barriers are present: the barrier of the contraceptive device and the barrier created by thick methycellulose of the ContraGel. This double barrier prevents sperm that could bypass your diaphragm or FemCap from moving upwards into the cervix and uterus.

ContraGel also effects the PH level of the vagina, creating an inhospitable environment for sperm. Vaginal PH is critical to allowing sperm to travel up into the cervix and ContraGel alters the PH of the vagina so sperm can not survive

The effective use of Contragel Green and its components is the validated experience of this product since 1970 and the first testing and production under its first brand name CONTRACEP Green, by Dutch company NVSH / CDM at The Hague, Holland.

Medical Studies Comparing ContraGel Efficiency Against Spermicide

Comparison studies of ContraGel and Spermicides do not exist at the moment, per-se, since testing methodology would not produce any useful results. Saying that one is superior to the other would only serve a purpose for marketing reasons since both agents immobilise sperm and are both fit for purpose they are both openly available on the market.

Establishing if one were to be more efficient than the other or not would be almost impossible since the gel is not used on it's own, but as one part of a contraceptive system. The other part is the barrier contraceptive and so the efficiency of the barrier would have an effect on the contraceptive reliability of the system, more so than the contraceptive gel being used.

For example a FemCap user applies ContraGel and inserts their FemCap correctly and following the instructions leaves it in place for 6-8 hours after intercourse. Another test participant uses a FemCap with a regular spermicide yet is in a rush, inserts it without checking it's in place, then removes it after only 4 hours. If the second user were to become pregnant would that prove the spermicide were any less efficient than the ContraGel? Due to so many variables associated with barrier contraceptive use a comparative field study of ContraGel V Spermicide is impossible to conduct with clear results.

The bottom line is that there is more impact on barrier contraceptive reliability with correct/incorrect use than there is impact with the choice of contraceptive gel.

Increase The Efficiency Of Your Barrier Contraception Usage

If you are using your diaphragm, Caya, or FemCap every single time you have sex, chances are you are using it way to often! Most women massively overuse their barrier contraceptive, simply because for almost 3 weeks out of the month, you are actually not fertile. So there is no reason to be using the barrier in the first place!

If there is no risk of pregnancy because you are not fertile, why use anything at all?

Of course, your confident assessment of when their is a risk of pregnancy and when you are actually infertile is necessary for you to go sans barrier, but with that confidence, you can easily cut your ContraGel and barrier usage in half!

ovulation and fertility tracking


The goal of barrier contraception is to prevent sperm from reaching and fertilizing an egg — but fertilization is biologically impossible unless a viable egg is present.


Natural Family Planning (NFP) and the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) identify ovulation, nullifying the need for contraceptives most of the month. Sperm can live inside the womb for up to 5 days, and ovulation releases an egg which is able to be fertilized for one day. That six day span is referred to as the fertility window, and is the only time there is actually a real need for a barrier device.


Cyclotest uses Sympto-Thermal fertility charting to identify that fertility window. Ovulation causes a spike in Basal body temperature (BBT), so by recording that data every morning, you can see when you have ovulated.


With 99% reliability, why not let Cyclotest make your family planning decisions for you?

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