ContraGel: The Natural Alternative To Spermicide

Barrier contraceptives are amongst best hormone free birth control solutions, but they require a spermicide or contraceptive gel for true effectiveness.


ContraGel is an all natural, vegan, toxin-free, and effective alternative to spermicide. It is a gel-like substance that forms a tight seal around the contraceptive device resulting in a critical boost of reliability.


Totally compatible with FemCap, Caya diaphragms, and Milex and Ortho diaphragms and Glyde vegan condoms. ContraGel is now avlaible in convenient 3-packs and cost saving 10-packs (perfect for group buys!)

The Natural Spermicide Alternative

Why ContraGel?

  • Viscose consistency creates a barrier that traps sperm
  • Low PH creates inhospitable environment for sperm
  • Natural, vegan ingredients
  • Less risk of irritation
  • Virtually no side effects (yay!)

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  • You've chosen a barrier contraceptive but don't want to use nonoxonol-9 spermicide
  • You or your parter have experienced irritation from nonoxonol-9
  • You're ready for a safe and effective natural spermicide alternative

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  • Buy a 10 pack for £75
  • Typical shelf life 18 months
  • Approx 1 tube every two months

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Sizing Is Simple


FemCap Cervical Cap

Make the switch to FemCap and enjoy the benefits of going totally au naturel immediately.

Unlike a condom, Fem Cap does not interrupt intimate skin-to-skin contact.

Sizing is simple: 22mm if you were never pregnant, 26mm if your pregnancy did not result in a vaginal delivery, and 30mm if it did.

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Vegan Condoms

Whether condoms are your go-to hormone free birth control, or you only use them occasionally, you get pleasure, security, and ethics with Glyde Condoms.

Glyde condoms come in three sizes and are certified by the Vegan Society.

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Organic, vegan personal lubricant

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YES lubricants are organic, vegan, and certified ethically produced.

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