ContraGel: The Natural Alternative To Spermicide

Barrier contraceptives are amongst best hormone free birth control solutions, but they require a spermicide or contraceptive gel for true effectiveness.


ContraGel is an all natural, vegan, toxin-free, and effective alternative to spermicide. It is a gel-like substance that forms a tight seal around the contraceptive device resulting in a critical boost of reliability.


Totally compatible with FemCap, Caya diaphragms, and Milex and Ortho diaphragms and Glyde vegan condoms.

Natural Spermicide Alternative


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N-9 is a highly toxic and harsh chemical —no wonder so many women and men complain of irritation from spermicide.


ContraGel is a 100% natural and vegan spermicide alternative. It is used in conjunction with a FemCap or Diaphragm to create the safe, effective, and totally natural birth control system you've been looking for.


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Detailed Info And Support

ContraGel FAQ

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Is ContraGel a spermicide? Does it work like one? Will it cause irritation? Do I have to use a Diaphragm or FemCap in conjunction with ContraGel?


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Sizing Is Simple


FemCap Cervical Cap

Make the switch to FemCap and enjoy the benefits of going totally au naturel immediately.

Unlike a condom, FemCap does not interrupt the intimacy of skin-to-skin contact.

Sizing is simple: 22mm if you were never pregnant, 26mm if your pregnancy did not result in a vaginal delivery, and 30mm if it did.

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Classic Barrier Contraception

Milex Diaphragms

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Natural and effective birth control is attainable! A Doctor must determine your correct size, but when used properly, diaphragms are a whopping 94% effective.


Sizing of the Milex diaphragms is compatible with the discontinued Ortho All-Flex Brand.

Diaphragms are always in stock and ship the next working day.

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Next Generation Diaphragm


Buy Caya Diaphragms Online

The Caya is opening up the world of hormone free contraception.

It is designed to fit a wide range of women, eliminating the need for frequent resizing once your initial size is confirmed.

This 21st century diaphragm boast thinner yet stronger materials, a more flexible frame, and a radically different shape than traditional diaphragms.

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Eco-Friendly Menstrual Cup


FemmyCycle low cervix menstrual cup

Protect your health and the environment by replacing disposable pads and tampons with a FemmyCycle menstrual cup.

FemmyCycle has a patented 'no-spill' design, and a high capacity making it perfect for use overnight.

Available in three tailored sizes, including a specialty Low-Cervix version.

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